About us

What "Volos Citizens' Committee" is?

Volos Citizens' Committee against waste burning

We are you and you are us. The citizens of Volos are fighting to prevent waste burning in our area. We want the obvious. The elementary. To protect what is most valuable to us. Our life and our health.

Waste burning is an obsolete idea, but some people dream of turning our region, and Greece, into a profitable incinerator. If we allow them, as international experience and science shows, in a few years our region will have turned into a literal hell.

Waste burning is the dirtiest practice and the worst thing to happen in any place. We want to live as humans in our place, Volos, Magnesia, Greece. Be informed, and inform as many as you can. We need you as you need us. Let's protect what is most valuable for all of us - our life, our health, for us and for those to come after.